Sunday Breakfast  (Every Sunday 11:30AM- 1PM)
早餐: 每个星期天(从 11:30- 13:00 到)

Are you missing those Sunday brunches where you can just kick back and hang out with your friends?  Then bring the whole group to the Texas Cafe for our famous Sunday breakfast!  We have several breakfast combos, including beef bacon, pancakes, French Toast, breakfast burritos, steak and eggs, and all including coffee (with refills!)   Don't miss out on a good time.  Come to the Texas Cafe for breakfast on Sundays!  And we have kid's meals too!
您想知道美国的早餐是怎么样的吗? 来尝尝德克萨斯西餐厅的星期天早餐吧! 我们的早餐独一无二。有很多西式套餐,都包括无限的咖啡!欢迎孩子门!

English Corner:  every Saturday 3PM- 4:30PM, and Thursday 8 PM-9:30 PM
英语角: 每个星期六从 15:00 到 16:30, 每个星期四从20:00到21:30

Come practice your English with a native English speaker and meet others who share your passion for learning English!
20 RMB includes a slice of cake and a cup of coffee
¥20 包括块蛋糕陪一被咖啡 

Wednesday Dinner & A Movie or TV Show (8:00pm)
星期三晚餐和电影 (20:00 开始)

Each Wednesday evening, the Texas Cafe offers the best deal in town for a dinner and a movie or TV show.  Spend at least 20 RMB per person, and stay for a great movie in English.  We'll even take care of the dishes afterwards!  
每个星期三晚上,德克萨斯西餐厅都放一部精彩的美国电影。 来吃点美食,喝点饮料, 在德克萨斯西餐厅过个愉快的晚上! 最底收费¥20/位。