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Address: Nanmen (South Gate) Mashi xiaoqu,Mashi Xiang
              Across the Street from the Hong Qi Lu Computer Market, then walk down the alley about 80 meters and we are on the right!
Tell a taxi driver "Ma Shi Xiang, Pu Tao Chang Lang 马市巷,葡萄长廊".  If he/she doesn't know that, then try "Hong Qi Lu DianNao Cheng Dui Mian de Ma Shi Xiang 红旗路电脑城对面的马市巷。Still can't find us?  Call us and we can talk to your driver!

Phone: (0991)281-0025



地址: 南门,马市小区,马市巷 (往里走80米,我们在右边)
电话: (0991)2810025

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