Our Story

The Texas Cafe was started in 2006 by a few proud Texans who wanted to bring a piece of home to Urumqi, China.  As soon as it opened, the Texas Cafe became a popular hangout for many of the ex-pats and weary travelers in the city who enjoyed the familiar in the food and atmosphere of the cafe.  In time, many locals have also come to love the Texas Cafe and the unique taste of another world it offered.  In the years since its beginnings, the Texas Cafe has gone through changes and seen the coming and going of many friends. However, it continues to remain a staple in Urumqi, and a place where one can come, share a great meal, and feel welcomed... Texas style!

Our Location

We are located in the heart of Urumqi beside a beautiful grapevine walkway right across the street from the Computer Market at South Gate (Nanmen).  Although we're not the easiest restaurant to find, many make the trek over to visit us, and we want to make it as simple as possible for any new friends who want to check us out.  So here's a simple map for those on the hunt for the Texas Cafe.  Hope to see ya'll soon!


德克萨斯西餐厅是2006年开门的。从我们的开始,有很多外国人顾客喜欢在我们这里过他们的时间,好像他们就找到了一个特别的秘密。但是慢慢的,越来越多本地人也发现这个这个特别的餐厅。 在这里,那些顾客能尝一中无比的美食,也能认识一种独特的美国文化。 这四年内,德克萨斯西餐厅经历过好多变化,也认识了不消的朋友。但是,这里一直会欢迎您来放松一下,吃点美食,和受到我们德州的欢迎。



The Romigs

Hello, we are the Romigs, the proud managers of the Texas Cafe!  Curt is a big sports fan from Wichita, KS.  And Michelle is often mistaken as a local, but actually hails from San Francisco, CA.  We've both spent time in Texas and love the fact that we get to be a part of such an awesome establishment as the Texas Cafe of Urumqi!  We love food, fun, and friends, so please come in and say hi anytime!  We'd love to meet you!
您好!我们是德克萨斯西餐厅的老板:罗科特和邝咏仪。我们来自美国,科特从Kansas,咏仪从旧金山。 德州对我们来说是个特别的地方,所以我们很高兴能管理我们的德克萨斯西餐厅。 我们很爱美食,朋友,和娱乐的过程。 欢迎您到德克萨斯西餐厅让我们认识你吧!