Welcome to Texas!

There are many states in the USA, but few compare to the charm and character of the Lone Star State of Texas.  Now, halfway across the world in Urumqi, China, you have the chance to experience all that Texas culture has to offer at the Texas Cafe.  Come hang your hat and try our delicious menu that includes steaks, burgers, and tex-mex.  We'll even let you try on a pair of cowboy boots!  You'll have a great time at the Texas Cafe. We hope to see ya'll soon!

美国的50个州当中最独特的就是德克萨斯州。 现在乌鲁木齐终于有机会来经历德克萨斯德州的文化了。 来试试我们的特色, 戴上牛仔帽,穿上牛仔靴。来到这里你会体会到一个愉快的气氛。 欢迎您到德克萨斯!


Each Wednesday evening, the Texas Cafe offers the best deal in town for a dinner and a movie.  Spend at least 20 RMB per person, and stay for a great movie in English.  We'll even take care of the dishes afterwards!   

每个星期三晚上,德克萨斯西餐厅都放一部精彩的美国电影。 来吃点美食,喝点饮料, 在德克萨斯西餐厅过个愉快的晚上! 最底收费¥20/位。

Regular Hours
Open Wednesday-Monday 
1PM-11PM (Tuesdays Closed)
时间:周三到周一 13:00 - 23:00


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